Layers of Sense: multimedia exhibition

From the artistic perspective, “Layers of Sense” is an attempt to reflect on the current moment, and to provide an audience with a glimpse of artists’ emotions, personal experiences, and thoughts.
“Layers of Sense” is a combination of “traditional” visual artworks and modern, innovative technologies, such as augmented reality (AR). All artworks displayed on the walls of the venue, valuable and solid as they are, will have an AR component: interactive visuals, audio, text or film. We selected AR, because it is a pragmatic and logistical solution for many of the challenges faced by contributors seeking to address the exhibition’s themes.
We believe that “multiple realities,” as well as our fractious world, can be effectively explored while using augmented reality. To enjoy the AR component of the exhibition, viewers will be required to have phone with Instagram’s mobile application installed.
The participants of the exhibition: Alisa Pidverbna, Andrey Nekraha, Rita Safonova, KESHA, Vika Ovechkina, Olena Kayinska, Roksolana Deineha, and others.
Digital artist – Maria Gyarmati.
The exhibition opening will also include:
  • readings from the issue 9 of Panel;
  • small reception;
  • talks from the Panel’s team and our partners;
  • film screening.
The multimedia exhibition has become possible with the financial support of the Goethe-Institut.

Thinking about the possible concept of the exhibition, we understood that some of the Ukrainian artists are still in Ukraine, which means that there will be no possibility to transport their works. We printed works, the originals of which could not be delivered, each work of the exhibition was a target image for an augmented reality application. So that more artworks can be seen when hovering the phone in the AR.

2 days before the opening, a pipe burst in the room, and the light and heating turned off. We decided to hold the event anyway, as some coverage was preserved. The only point of doubt was whether the AR effect could work in the partial absence of light. It worked.

The opening took place with a large number of visitors, despite the fact that many of them remained in outerwear. I almost caught a cold while getting the exhibition ready in an unheated room. I can’t imagine how people live in the cities of Ukraine now.
It is bitter and difficult for me to write about our exhibition. I hardly realise that in general, this is quite a big step for me as an interactive media director and media artist, I have created a multi-target exhibition in augmented reality. Everything worked, all the animations and interactive elements agreed with the artists, the whole application on different devices. This is a big step for me, I need to acknowledge it. But it would be better if this self-improvement took place on a completely different occasion. FUCK THE WAR.