Interactive Art

Resurrection (Lenin) 2012

The interactive installation created during the MMKF 2012 workshops is centered around the idea of waking up Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the proletariat.

The installation is designed to create an immersive experience for visitors by incorporating an actor who looks like Lenin. The use of sound as the basis for interaction adds a unique layer of engagement, allowing visitors to actively participate in the installation.

As visitors approach the installation, they may be prompted to wake up Lenin by triggering a sensor by their voice. Upon activation, the sound of Lenin stirring and waking up plays.

The interactive nature of the installation encourages visitors to engage with the historical figure of Lenin in a more personal and intimate way, potentially opening up opportunities for dialogue and further exploration of Lenin’s life and legacy. The use of an actor who looks like Lenin adds to the immersive experience and creates a sense of realism and authenticity.

Overall, the installation creates a unique and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to interact with the historical figure of Lenin and potentially sparking further dialogue and exploration. The use of sound and an actor adds a layer of immersion and engagement, creating a memorable and thought-provoking experience.

Dying Swan 2012

Interactive Installation

The interactive installation is based on sound and revolves around the idea of extending the life of the swan and the ballet dancer through the applause of the audience. The installation features a representation of the famous ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, and a sensor or button that visitors can interact with to trigger an audio response.

When the sensor is triggered, the sound of applause plays, extending the life of Pavlova’s metaphorical swan and allowing her to continue dancing. The use of sound as the basis for interaction in this installation adds a unique layer of engagement for visitors, as they can actively participate in the performance by triggering the sound of applause.

The installation serves as a reminder of the importance of recognition and support for artists, and how their artistic practice can be prolonged by the applause and appreciation of their audience. It also pays homage to the timeless and iconic performance of Anna Pavlova’s “The Dying Swan”, which continues to inspire and captivate audiences over a century later.

Overall, the installation provides a unique and engaging experience, allowing visitors to participate in the ongoing life of the swan and the ballet dancer, while also reflecting on the importance of support for the arts.

Mine Towns Documentary (Hybrid) 2016

The interactive documentary project focuses on the potash mines failures that have occurred in the Russian cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk since 2007. The project features videos filmed in these cities, showcasing the damage caused by sinkholes and the resulting resettlement of affected residents in houses contaminated by formaldehyde.

The project includes an interactive map with buttons that users can click on to access the videos. By clicking on the buttons, users can view the videos and gain a better understanding of the extent of the damage caused by the sinkholes and the impact on the lives of the affected residents.

The interactive format of the documentary project provides a unique opportunity for viewers to engage with the material and learn about the issue in a more immersive and interactive way. Through the use of videos and interactive elements, the project aims to raise awareness about the potash mines failures in Berezniki and Solikamsk and the impact they have had on the affected communities.

Nézz körül! Documentary (Hybrid) 2015

The project is an interactive virtual tour of the Salgotarjani Street Jewish Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary. It is a joint effort of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives and the TechLab at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The goal of the project is to make this hidden gem accessible to the public worldwide through the use of interactive spherical panoramas and interactive buttons.

The virtual tour allows visitors to explore the cemetery and view the unique architectural features of the tombs, as well as learn about the prominent figures buried here. The cemetery is considered one of the finest examples of Hungarian Cemetery Art and is of great cultural and historical significance.

To create the interactive spherical panoramas, multiple photos were taken and combined using PTGui software. The resulting panoramic images were then integrated with interactive elements using Easypano program, allowing visitors to click on interactive buttons to access additional information and learn more about the cemetery and its history.

Overall, the project provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore and learn about the Salgotarjani Street Jewish Cemetery, an important cultural and historical site that may otherwise be inaccessible to many.

Look into your heart this day 2012

The interactive art project created as my diploma work in 2012 at St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV is titled after a string of Native American poetry. The project explores the idea of perceiving life not just rationally, but also intuitively. The inspiration for the project comes from William Blake’s cycle “Songs of Innocence and Experience.”

The project is made using Adobe Flash and features a series of interactive slides that tell the story of a hero who begins to question the rationality of his perceptions. The hero’s doubts are evident from the very beginning of the project, as he begins to question the coexistence of polarities such as ignorance and cognition.

The project encourages viewers to embrace both rationality and intuition as necessary components of understanding and experiencing life. The interactive elements of the project allow viewers to engage with the story and explore the themes in a more immersive way.

Overall, the project provides a thought-provoking and engaging exploration of the complex and interwoven nature of life, encouraging viewers to embrace both rationality and intuition in their perceptions and experiences.