Through the Noise – AI exhibition in VR space

You are in a carriage. You are moving through chaos. Outside is a world of news, data, and constant overload. Inside is art – AI-generated videos, images, and sound. Connect, and you will be able to hear the melody through the noise.

This experience assumes roles; your role is that of a passenger. We have designed the train in such a way that it will certainly take you from point A to point B. But you have a task: during the journey, you will look through every window.

Here, we collaborated again with many Ukrainian artists who had experienced or were enduring bombardments, as well as Russians who had moved and were struggling to cope with the ongoing situation. This community is a populated online island. And now, we have an additional virtual space where you can view our works with VR glasses or through a browser and contemplate where this train, piercing the media noise, can lead.

We’ve created an exhibition that has meaning. We don’t want to be just part of the noise. AI can indeed be an instrument of art, not just a meaningless stream of consciousness or drafts from which something randomly emerges. We developed prompts, lived through them, and embedded artistic references in them.

Сurators: Maria Gyarmati and Lida Nesmachna