Art Show

The “Legend of Ethereal Budapest” Art Show was successfully held on November 18, 2023. In the six months leading up to the event, I dedicated myself to organizing meetings with the participating artists to discuss the theme and their involvement. We deliberated on potential venues, ultimately selecting Szimpla Kert, Budapest’s renowned ruined pub. Managing communication with the venue, we ensured smooth coordination.

The event itself was a resounding success, with Szimpla Kert providing a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Witnessing the enthusiastic participation of attendees amidst the artistic energy was deeply rewarding. Despite the challenges, organizing such an event while residing in a different country reaffirmed my connection to Hungary, now feeling like home.

Our team orchestrated a series of engaging activities, including workshops, exhibitions, an audio installation, and an AI film screening. A highlight was a dance performance inspired by Miriam Grunwald’s poem from a recent issue of Panel magazine, seamlessly integrated with AI visuals and sound. Additionally, an improv show infused the event with joy and spontaneity.

For a glimpse of the event’s ambiance, I’ve included a short summary video. Enjoy! ❤️