Hi, I'm Maria!

In a world of constant noise and chaos, I find solace in the serene and tranquil. My art reflects this sense of calm, but with a vibrancy that cannot be ignored. My work is light and polite, a gentle reminder to pause and appreciate the beauty in the world around us.

As an artist, I am constantly exploring new mediums and techniques, diving fearlessly into the ocean of new media that surrounds us. Yet, I also draw inspiration from the tried and true practices of the past. I believe that there is a certain magic to be found in the classics, and I strive to incorporate these time-honored techniques into my work.

In essence, my art is a fusion of old and new, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. It is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the world we inhabit, and an invitation to join me on a journey of discovery and wonder. So come, dive into my world, and let us explore the limitless possibilities of artistic expression together.

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  • St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV, Department of Interactive art, 2012 
  • 2011-2012 – Eszterházy Károly Főiskola, Hungary – Arts, Cinema, Web specialist 
  • Resident in TechLab MOME University of Art and Design, Budapest, since 2013

Exhibitions & Events list:

2023 – Best experimental film “Distance to the Moon” at New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA)

2023 – “Distance to the Moon” at Kosice International Film Festival

2023 – “Distance to the Moon” at Lift-Off Sessions 2023 @Pinewod Studios

2023 – “Distance to the Moon” at FESTIVAL ANGAELICA

2022 – “Gradient of Schizophrenia” at “Reverse perspective of war: Art for Sanity”, Budapest, Hungary

2022 – personal exhibition “Distance to the Moon” with live dance performance at Kastner Kommunity, Budapest, Hungary

2022 – “Eye on the riffs” at “Freedom for free” exhibition, Rome, Italy

2021 – “Passion diptych” at Likkle Gallery, Queens, New York

2020 – JANUS online exhibition with “Crying king”

2018 – Average Art magazine, Great Britain  published painting “Crying king”

2017 – Contemporary Venice, Venice, Italy with “StereoDance” 

2017 – Wild Art exhibition, Budapest with videoart “Crying king” and “Pink Spot” 

2016 – Brural Crossroads, New York with interactive documentary “Mine Towns”

2015 – Hungarian National Museum, Budapest with interactive project “Nézz körül!”

2014 – Busho Film Festival, Budapest in the category Experimental with work “StereoDance”

2014 – festival Multimatograf, Russia with videoart “StereoDance”

2014 –  MOME University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary – protection of interactive project “Wonder Around”

2014 –  “New Aesthetics: The constancy of the internal principles ” in NCAA Yekaterinburg with diptych “Stereo Dance / Walk” 

from September 2013 – resident in TechLab MOME University of Art and Design, Budapest 

2013 – Grass Design Week, design-factory Flacon, Moscow with project “Look into your heart this day” 

2012 – presented interactive project “Look into your heart this day” in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest 

2012 – Digital Media Arts Forum, St. Petersburg with lecture “Interactive narrative installations”. 

2012 – XIII “Media Forum” 34 Moscow International Film Festival, presented interactive projects “Lenin” and “Jump” in workshop “Interactive cinema” by Chris Hales 

2011 – Agria Media 2011 Information and Education Technology Conference International Conference on Information 


Conference “Graphic Design: Traditions and Innovations”, St Petersburg, Russia 2017-2020


“Magazine design in pandemic time” 2020

“The challenges in design of literature magazine” 2019

“The Quest for Easy. Ericsson rebranding process” 2018

“Interactive documentary Mine Towns” “Мои города на шахтах” 2017

“Are we free, yet?” Panel magazine 2020