Elementor #1097


ECHOS SURRÉALISTES CONTEMPORAINS /2024 /LUXOR /SAINT-CIRQ-LAPOPIE /BUDAPEST /ALABAMA – an international event of surrealists. It took place on April 15, 2024. I assisted the artists from abroad in presenting their works via AR (augmented reality). I created three surreal gates in AI and used them as triggers for AR, allowing viewers to see the images of the foreign artists. Additionally, there were various enjoyable workshops taking place. You can check out my app by scanning the QR code and pointing your phone at the images of the surreal gates.

Layers of Sense

From the artistic perspective, “Layers of Sense” is an attempt to reflect on the current moment, and to provide an audience with a glimpse of artists’ emotions, personal experiences, and thoughts. It took place at December 14, 2022.
“Layers of Sense” is a combination of “traditional” visual artworks and modern, innovative technologies, such as augmented reality (AR). All artworks displayed on the walls of the venue, valuable and solid as they are, will have an AR component: interactive visuals, audio, text or film. We selected AR, because it is a pragmatic and logistical solution for many of the challenges faced by contributors seeking to address the exhibition’s themes.
The participants of the exhibition: Alisa Pidverbna, Andrey Nekraha, Rita Safonova, KESHA, Vika Ovechkina, Olena Kayinska, Roksolana Deineha, and others.
Digital artist – Maria Gyarmati.
The exhibition opening also included:
  • readings from the issue 9 of Panel;
  • small reception;
  • talks from the Panel’s team and our partners;
  • film screening.
The multimedia exhibition has become possible with the financial support of the Goethe-Institut.