Midjourney illustrations

“Narratives of Budapest” is a collection of essays, stories and interviews delving into both the contemporary and historical aspects of Budapest. In this book I worked on full book design and generated illustrations in Midjourney.

The 11th issue of Panel Literature Magazine is a landmark for our team and for the life of Panel. It’s been almost six years since we started publishing Panel and the time has come to reconsider our project’s goals and our approach to them.

The current issue consists lots of modern poetry, prose, engaging non-fiction pieces and experimental visual art. Front, back covers, Table of contents and some novels were illustrated by me via Midjourney.

AI Video

Frozen in Fire

Video inspired by an antiwar exhibition’s artwork, kicks off with a vivid image of a nuclear explosion, bursting with fiery reds, blues, and purples, symbolizing destruction and renewal. This video artfully blends pop and nuclear art within a surreal red dream world, all framed by a sharp border. The journey leads to a post-apocalyptic realm, a world both empty and captivating. Throughout, glimpse a sun and planets against war-torn backdrops, inspired by Takashi Murakami’s airbrush style. These scenes transition from deserted Soviet towns to lone figures in snow-covered cityscape.

Next Steps

Currently, I hold the position of the art director of the Panel magazine, a literary and artistic publication covering Central and Eastern Europe. We have been publishing the magazine for over five years, but its future is now in question.

This is happening because every member of our team is currently undergoing significant changes in their lives. Some are transitioning to the realm of new media, others are becoming parents and opening bars, while some have chosen the path of a full-fledged career in publishing. Our future and the future of our magazine remain uncertain, but we keenly feel the approach of the winds of change.

This is the main feeling that I sought to convey through this animation. The first frame of the video showcases the cover of the 11th issue of the magazine. This video serves as a symbolic reflection of our potential future, our next steps.