Hi, I'm Maria!

Hungary based Interactive Media and Visual artist, Art Director for magazine of contemporary writing and art from Central/Eastern Europe  Panel Magazine.

I’m passionate about creating different types of visuals: illustrations, designs, interactive projects. That includes interface design as well as concepts for the projects. 

I value the freedom of thoughts, open mindedness and balance, I value order and I really enjoy when things are having optimal structure. In my everyday life I’m finding joy in placing all the beautiful things, thoughts and plans on their “places”, enjoying how this things are starting to work together in order and help to archive some bigger goals and keep moving easier and lighter.

I’m good in communicating my views, in organising spaces, thoughts and plans in the most productive way, in finding balance between duties and feelings, colors and structures,  goals and possibilities.

I have “an eye” on visual things, I also feel and understand emotional kaleidoscopes, I can organize chaos into harmonical and appealing structures that will support the growing and development.

Open for collaboration



 2020 – JANUS exhibition, “Crying king”

2018 – Average Art magazine, Great Britain, painting “Crying king”

2017 – Contemporary Venice, Italy , “StereoDance” 

2016 – Brural Crossroads, New York, interactive documentary “Mine Towns”

2015 – Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, interactive project “Nézz körül!”

2014 – Busho Film Festival, Budapest, videoart  “StereoDance”

2014 – Multimatograf, Russia, videoart “StereoDance” 

2014 –  “New Aesthetics” in NCAA Yekaterinburg, diptych “Stereo Dance / Walk” 

2013 – Grass Design Week, Moscow, nomination like best web project, interactive project “Look into your heart this day” 

2012 – XIII “Media Forum” 34 MIFF, interactive projects “Lenin” and “Jump”