Interactive Art

Resurrection (Lenin) 2012

Interactive Installation

Interaction based on sound. We wanted to wake up the leader of the proletariat Vladimir Lenin and ask if, for example, he would like to leave Red Square, and generally find out his opinion about the situation in the world.

Dying Swan 2012

Interactive Installation

Interaction based on sound. The dance of the ballet dancer and life of swan prolonged by applause of the audience. Artists need to know that they have a reason to continue their artistic practise, dancers need applause, their metaphoric characters will exist as long as they keep dancing.

Mine Towns Documentary (Hybrid) 2016

Documentary Interactive Project about failures on potash mines that happened in Russia.

Since 2007 in Berezniki and Solikamsk occurred sinkholes, the houses are falling through the ground, and people are resettled in houses poisoned by formaldehyde.

To me it seems to be something incredible, and sharply visible absurdity of what is happening. Both cities are in the Perm region.

Nézz körül! Documentary (Hybrid) 2015

Wonder Around is a joint effort of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives and Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design’s TechLab to make a long forgotten, hidden gem available to the greater public all around the world. The virtual tour lets the visitor peak into this enchanted world, the old Jewish cemetery of Budapest. It is not merely interesting because of the many prominent figures of the early 20th century buried here, but because of the unique architectural values of the tombs. The Salgotarjani Street Jewish Cemetery is one of the finest example of the Hungarian Cemetery Art.You can find out more about the cemetery here.

Look into your heart this day 2012

The title of this story is a string of Native Americans poem. It`s a call to perceive the life not only rationally but also intuitively.

What served as inspirational material was William Blake`s cycle “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. In Blake`s works ignorance does not exist separately from cognition; these polarities do not deny one another, and everything coexists in unity “One cannot reject one thing by praising another because in life everything is indissolubly interwoven”. 

One way or another, from the very first slides we can observe the hero`s incipient doubt.