Panel Magazine

Panel magazine is the written record of a generation of artists from everywhere that can live anywhere, their literature and lives, in the language they speak. Panel is a magazine of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and the arts, being produced in Central and Eastern Europe and originally written in English or translated into English. Panel magazine is published twice a year and available both in print and online.

Panel’s readers are well-educated, open minded individuals who appreciate both human connections and digital technologies, who care about their personal development as well as about their careers, who are not afraid of life, and who can think “outside the box”.

Panel is a publication that deserves to be kept alongside other favorites – set on coffee tables or tucked into bookshelves. It’s a publication unique to Central Eastern Europe that is aesthetically and intellectually provocative. We, its editors and founders, strive to foster connections within artistic communities, encourage openness and collaboration between writers, translators, illustrators and designers.

I’m taking a role of Art Director of Panel Magazine since March 2018. During this time we successfully launched 5 issues, met a lot of great artists and writers.