Look – interactive fiction

The title of this story is a string of Native Americans poems. It’s a call to perceive the life not only rationally but also intuitively. What served as inspirational material was William Blake’s cycle “Songs of Innocence and Experience”. In Blake’s works ignorance does not exist separately from cognition.

Check the project here:

This interactive story or web project was one of the most challenging work as the goal was to tell the complicated art narrative and represent it in a clear form. The story was based on the poetry of William Blake and had 2 lines between which could switch the user any time. On top of the interface after the intro appeared the menu of round screen previews so by pressing them visitor could jump to any scene randomly. Another option was to travel through the pages while choosing the interactive elements on pages. 

In the end, the viewer watched the video and had a choice to return to the story and pass it through another way or to finish the way and go to the final titles. If the chose was to keep walking, used was moved to a page with a roulette, by pressing “Random Travel” button, he activated the roulette and it brought him to a new page by the random algorithm. That was my diploma work, it took the best Net Art 2012 on St. Petersburg Media Forum and was nominated to best Web Design on Grass Design week in Moscow.