Maria Gyarmati



I'm Albert Walkers and

Hi, I’m Maria Gyarmati, interactive media and visual artist.

Artist statement:
Calm, but bright.
Light and polite.
Swimming in an ocean of new media, but also following classic practices.

2020 – JANUS exhibition, “Crying king”
2018 – Average Art magazine, Great Britain, painting “Crying king”
2017 – Contemporary Venice, Italy , “StereoDance”
2016 – Brural Crossroads, New York, interactive documentary “Mine Towns”
2015 – Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, interactive project “Nézz körül!”
2014 – Busho Film Festival, Budapest, videoart “StereoDance”
2014 – Multimatograf, Russia, videoart “StereoDance”
2014 – “New Aesthetics” in NCAA Yekaterinburg, diptych “Stereo Dance / Walk”
2013 – Grass Design Week, Moscow, nomination like best web project, interactive project “Look into your heart this day”
2012 – XIII “Media Forum” 34 MIFF, interactive projects “Lenin” and “Jump”

Maria Gyarmati is a Hungary based interactive media and visual artist. She builds her projects based on documentaries and contemporary dance mixed with modern technologies. Also she is working on paintings, using different art practices.
For last 3 years she acts as an art director for a magazine of contemporary writing and art from Central/Eastern Europe.
Maria is a mom of 3yo son which means she is also diving deeply in a topic of kid’s education, psychology, and entertainment.
4 years ago, she has joined Ericsson Hungary company in a role of Interactive designer. She is enjoying being connected to the field of technology and innovations.
Her works are presented at several Exhibitions and Museums around the world.